The Commute

Located in the tunnels of London Bridge Station, ‘The Commute’ focuses on the people who use the station and encompasses the repetitive routine of commuting to work. People are represented as timber columns, split across the space into the morning and evening rush hour groups, as they march to and from work each day. Tourists and those travelling for pleasure are represented as curved stone tiles, weaving through the workers in unrestricted patterns as they enjoy their days of fun. Plants pop up amongst the commuters, representing hope and happiness unfurling each day during our sometimes monotonous routine. All paths lead to the black reflective pool which is a nod to infinity, as the pool reflects the commute story back at us and shows this continuation, as commuting and moving through the station repeats itself again and again. Using recycled materials from the RHS Hampton Court show, this pop-up garden highlights reuse and sustainability with a range of materials.

Sponsored by Cityscapes, Team London Bridge, and Network Rail

Some photos by Georgina Piper Photography

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